Hungarian Food Business Program

The Hungarian Food Business Program summarizes the business development activities of Agricultural Marketing Center (AMC). It aims to promote the entry of Hungarian food companies into foreign markets as well as to introduce Hungarian products to the widest possible international audience.

The Program coordinates all the foreign market activities of AMC, such as participation at trade exhibitions, product promotion campaigns, business meetings with foreign market participants, and other business related events. It also includes so-called country mission B2B programs, which will appear as new export support activities in the series of events organized by the company on a yearly basis.

One of the most important elements of the program is an online, real-time Hungarian food catalogue with up-to-date data, that is together a knowledge database and an event management B2B matchmaking software. The system, called “Hungarian Food Business Catalogue”, will create a simple and transparent contact platform between Hungarian food exporters and foreign importers in order to facilitate Hungarian food export activities.